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This is NOT your typical online virtual event... It's not a pitch fest... It's not outdated tactics... It's not stuff you've heard a 1,000 times before...

Nope. This is 28 interviews where crazy successful people share the intimate details of conversations that transformed their lives (and the lessons you too can implement).
With a line up that includes 2 Comma Club winning entrepreneurs, world champion martial artists, best selling authors, filmmakers, world leading copywriters and marketers, a neuroscientist, and even a finalist from Britains Got Talent, the interviews in this event go deep and reveal never before shared secrets.
One Conversation Away Ends In
One Conversation Away Speakers
Day 1
Natalie Hodson
Ben Harris
Day 2
Joe Soto
Chantelle Turner
Day 3
Stacey and Paul Martino
Mark Kaye
Day 4
Nic Fitzgerald
Ariel Huskins
Day 5
Victoria Grech
Tyler Jorgenson
Day 6
Carla White
Simon Lovell
Day 7
Myles Clifford
Matylda Nowak
Day 8
Samantha Brown
Jim Edwards
Day 9
Nicholas Bayerle
Yasmin Sheikh
Day 10
Sam Asser
Mark Stern
Day 11
Sergei Bountenko
Christa Nichols
Day 12
Grace Lee
Ricardo Teixeira
Day 13
Andy Hobday
Yara Golden
Day 14
Jaime Cross
Liam Richards
And your event host...
Neil Martin
Neil Martin - Motivational and Business Speaker
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